Eighth live stream on Twitch at 19:00 CET!

Eighth live stream on Twitch at 19:00 CET!
I will try Dragon Ball Xenoverse!
Well since i will play alone i guess, there wont be much conversation, but i will comment my thouts on the game as i can :D

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jinryuunagy

My Channel:


My fifth and sixth live stream on Twtich! Let’s Play and DBC Future plans!

My fifth live stream on Twtich!



And my sixth live stream too!

Me and Brandon talk about DBC Future plans. I wasn’t still ready for this but oh well.
Don’t forget, everything you hear here are only ideas and some plans but nothing is for sure to be added.
And Please forgive my grammar errors. :(





My Twitch:

My forth live stream on Twtich!

Again TTT, and then Prop Hunt. Many might wonder but these past weeks i only played when i streamed, since originally im a gamer i need some gameplay too, its only i thout i would share my little fun at games i have with everyone. grin hangulatjel
But that doesnt mean I dont code. Actually i code more than 8 hours a day, not just minecraft but my website too.
progression might be slow but there is many progression.

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jinryuunagy

Another fix release but with a little content!

Another fix release but with a little content!
Just redownload the mods from the download page:

– (JRMCore) Fixed some skill issues (transformation costs mainly)
– (DBC) Dino meat 16 stackable
– (DBC) Cooked dino meat!
– (JRMCore) Body will now regen only at 0%, 5% and 10% and players wont be an easy target for swords and creepers from now on
– (DBC) “deadzone crashes” are probably fixed.
– (JRMCore) Saiyan and half-saiyan Transformation skill renamed to Super Form.
– (JRMCore) Some change in transformation skill upgrade costs.
– (DBC) You hear from Dragon Blocks the glowing sound continuously if they are in H form.

Older version can be downloaded from here:

New Serverlist has been released! And also I opened my own server!

Hi Everyone!
A new Server List page has been made! Now everyone may apply to list his server but moderators need to accept it before it is shown in the list.
And Like the server you like the most and get it to the top of the list!

And also I opened my own server too!
JinGames DBC Server
Come and check it out if you would like :)

First fix for DBC v1.2.11 and JRMCore v1.0.13 is here!

Hey There first fix for DBC and JRMCore is here!
Just redownload the mods and you are good to go.
– Safe zones disabling has been added to jrmcores config file.
– and also a explosion destruction power configuration that can reduce explosion lag drastically for both DBC and NC if needed. By default it is reduced by half.
– JRMCore now shouldn’t show the Skills in stats sheet (Default V)
– New chunk loading lagg should be fixed in DBC!


if the Older one is needed you can find that too here: