Upcoming features for next DBC release.

Its hard to say but I might not make the next release this weekend, cause of private issues this week I am not that much home. (Dentist, GP, Blood test, Family weekend)
But I can say the next update is half done, I think I will be able to release it before my Birthday.

In this update what I can tell for sure, there will be
new flying vechicle (Black Flying Nimbus)
new constructions (3 or 4) with
new NPCs, both good and evil ones who will be able to teach you
new learnable ki attacks (most likely some of the old ki attacks)

and a plus feature if I can make it in time that you will be able to have the some NPCs as Master (Disciple-Master relationships between Players will come later on)

Unstable snapshots for MC 1.7.10 Second round

Well I release the Naruto C, YearsC and Family C too but they have even more problems then DBC especially Naruto C and Family C.
DBC have still some problems but I think it gets closer to the MC1.6.4 version.
Even thou some features are still not working there will be new content in the release after this.
Soon I will post about what new contents will be added.


“These version are only for testing purposes and to see it before stable release.
I am aware of many bugs thus for now there is no need to post bug reports from snapshots.
Please note that there might be problems that can’t be resolved in these versions.”

My new simple browser RPG game the Dragon Artifact, early test release!

Hey there everyone!
I would like to show you my simple browser rpg game the Dragon Artifact.
Its in very early test stage and basic design is not even made yet, just some simple core elements!
I would like to know what all of you think about it.
I would also like to talk about it in a video and its future plans if there are interests in it. ^^

About Minecraft Mods
So There will be “snapshot” releases probably before the months end, but i don’t want to promise that it will work well. So those will be unstable releases for 1.7.10.

Let’s Play Dragon Ball Xenoverse episode 2 and 3!

My 9th and 10th streams on Twtich!
Let’s Play Dragon Ball Xenoverse episode 2 and 3!
Also Today I will stream the next episode at 0:00 CET
and since yesterday i trained a bit im now a little bit better XD
I progressed in story and defeated Freiza, thats where i left off. I will try to get the Super Saiyan skill in ep4 mainly, since i got that PQ where it should be dropped, so i will go on it a few times hoping to get it and training at the same time :D
And if i feel that way i just might try to fight online against someone. XD

Episode 2
I was so lame in this episode so i dont blame you if you skip this one :(



Episode 3
Well I progressed a bit and this episode is close to 3 hours long, but still Im not experienced enough. XD
I might go through some training before the 4th episode.





My Twitch:


Eighth live stream playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse!

My eighth live stream on Twtich playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse!
First play with DB Xenoverse :D
I like it so far. I took me a while to explore the time patrol city but you can skip to part2 if you dont want to see how I explore it.
Due to music copyright I needed to cut the “chala head chala” part so you wont hear that, sorry about that.



And My Twitch:

My fifth and sixth live stream on Twtich! Let’s Play and DBC Future plans!

My fifth live stream on Twtich!



And my sixth live stream too!

Me and Brandon talk about DBC Future plans. I wasn’t still ready for this but oh well.
Don’t forget, everything you hear here are only ideas and some plans but nothing is for sure to be added.
And Please forgive my grammar errors. :(





My Twitch:

My forth live stream on Twtich!

Again TTT, and then Prop Hunt. Many might wonder but these past weeks i only played when i streamed, since originally im a gamer i need some gameplay too, its only i thout i would share my little fun at games i have with everyone. grin hangulatjel
But that doesnt mean I dont code. Actually i code more than 8 hours a day, not just minecraft but my website too.
progression might be slow but there is many progression.

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jinryuunagy